Elite International Recruitment

Elite is a fully licensed Indonesian Manpower / Recruitment Agency registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower Department for the deployment of Construction, Hospitality, Healthcare (Nurses and Specialist Technicians), Mining / Oil & Gas, IT and Office Management personnel.

Elite International Recruitment (ELITE) is dedicated to being one of Indonesia’s leading Manpower Agencies by providing a variety of services to its clients including contract and permanent resources. ELITE is rapidly developing its brand and establishing itself as leader of human resources capital. This is achieved by our specialist consultants providing the best qualified candidates for the client’s need and has currently developed trusted relationships with several large international companies.

Indonesia is comprised of almost 18,000 islands, making it the world’s largest archipelagic state and is situated in South East Asia. With an estimated population of around 237 million people, Indonesia is now the world’s fourth most populous country. Across its many islands, Indonesia consists of around 300 different kinds of ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups that have developed over centuries. Even though Indonesia is rich in natural resources and with investment from several foreign groups there is still high unemployment throughout Indonesia.

There are many highly qualified schools and universities where Indonesians who have gained good grades and credits have been able to secure jobs abroad. Many young Indonesians are hardworking people who carry the burden of supporting their families for many years and it is for this reason that many choose to work abroad. We have had requests from many of our International clients who only want to recruit Indonesians as they have found them to be very hard working, friendly, able to adapt easily to new surroundings and have been able to work harmoniously in multicultural environments. We believe, with the large manpower resources available throughout Indonesia, we are able to deliver very good candidates for many specialized skills.